John and Marty have drawn upon their diverse training and rich life experiences to create offerings that inspire and nourish. Below are the current workshops and events they are offering. To book any of these offerings at your studio, retreat center, festival or event, please connect!


Kirtan is a Sanskrit term that means "praise." It is a heart opening practice of chanting the names of the divine and other healing mantras, typically given in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a vibratory language, meaning the meaning and power of the words are carried within the vibration of the sound of the word itself. Although knowing the meanings and stories behind the mantras will greatly enhance the experience of kirtan, anyone can enjoy the experience of chant.


Lilas songwriting style fuses harmonious vocals with fresh, modern melodies, making kirtan music accessible to listeners from all walks of life. John Arms and Marty Tribble (aka Lila) both felt a homecoming when they were first exposed to kirtan, as if the mantras were telling their hearts to pay attention. Their devotion to the practice of kirtan has shifted every aspect of their lives, bringing comfort, connection, healing and a deep sense of purpose, setting them direct on their path as teachers in the bhakti (devotion) yoga tradition. Because of their own experience with ease these powerful mantras have brought to their lives, they are dedicated to sharing this practice with as many people as possible.


2 Hour Experience

Co-led by John Arms and Marty Tribble (and possible guest musicians)


Yin Yoga + Live Music

Yin yoga is designed as a counterbalance to yang or active/busy lifestyle. This practice helps relieve chronic muscle tension, inflammation and pain. Deep stretching floor poses are sustained between 2-5 minutes to open the connective tissue, benefiting the joints, fascia, bursa, ligaments, and tendons of the body (the yin tissues). When yin tissues are imbalanced, they are often diagnosed with and ‘-itis’ condition, like arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, etc., and yin yoga supports the bodys natural ability to heal these conditions. The yin yoga experience is a mix of passive seated, reclined, and prone postures for all levels, no prior yoga experience is needed. The perfect practice for those seeking a gentle approach to yoga. This class is set to delicious LIVE mantra music.


2 Hour Workshop

Co-led by John Arms and Marty Tribble

Gong Sound Healing

Access the natural state of meditation through nada yoga, the yoga of SOUND.


The space where healing happens can open up naturally while listening to a therapeutic soundscape. In this gong healing bath, you will receive wave after delicious wave of vibration from a gong made by best gong smiths in the world (Paiste).


When played therapeutically, the Paiste gong creates sound waves very similar to the 'sounds' that have been recorded in deep space by NASA, in fact, many of the Paiste gongs are tuned to planetary vibrations. Science has shown us that our bodies contain the same particles as the stars, which may be why our bodies and minds respond so well to gong therapy. Prana (the vital energy than animates all living things) is cleaned and renewed by the spacious frequencies of the gong, assisting the listener in returning to their natural state of being.


1.25 Hour Workshop

Co-led by John Arms and Marty Tribble

Yoga for Lovers



Lila Kirtans 2017 calendar is currently being planned, check back soon or sign up for email updates so you dont miss a thing!

Think outside the box of chocolates. CALLING ALL LOVERS to step off the beaten path. Celebrate your love by slowing down, take time to unplug, and reconnect with Partner Yoga. NO YOGA EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Journey toward deeper intimacy through creative contact, breath, awareness...and laughter! Gentle, accessible partner yoga asana (postures), delicious partner meditations and soothing Thai bodywork will leave your body, mind and relationship refreshed. Bring your own partner.


2 Hour Workshop

Co-led by John Arms and Marty Tribble

Yoga Pause: Restful Yoga + Essential Oils + Sound Healing

Pausing is the new powerful.


The antidote for busy, a deep pause helps the mind unwind, facilitating better mental performance at whatever you do, supports your body’s immune function and encourages optimal energy levels.


Pause and experiencing the infusion of Young Living™ therapeutic grade essential oils into restorative yoga postures and the powerful practice of Yoga Nidra (a guided relaxation journey).


This session will be supported by a LIVE and nourishing soundscape of the symphonic gong and steel tongue drum.


Totally beginner friendly. Come as you are!


2.5 Hour Workshop

Co-led by John Arms and Marty Tribble


You'll earn your flying wings in just a few short minutes in this beginner's therapeutic flying yoga practice. Learn a simple flow of six flying yoga postures (base/fly Folded Leaf, Happy Twist, Super Yogi, Walnut and Bird) that fuse together modalities of bodywork, gravitational traction, partner yoga asana, meditation, pranayama, and energetics. Grounded in principles of physics, trust and surrender, flying yoga liberates the body and frees the soul.


You don't need to practice yoga or know acrobatics, just have a desire to learn something new and PLAY! No partner is needed.


2 Hour Workshop

Co-led by John Arms & Marty Tribble.

Mastering the Postures of Surya Namaskar

How would it change your yoga practice to feel strong and grounded in the basic poses, like Chaturanga?


In this workshop, you will be introduced to Marty's methodology of alignment and support within yoga postures that she has developed over 12 years of teaching and her own experience with incurring and subsequently healing yoga-related injuries. Learn to save your shoulders, low back and a most of your effort in each posture by relying on the natural movement patterns the body is built to make.


The postures that make up basic Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) are the foundation of a most styles of yoga practice around the world. Each pose has layer upon layer of beautiful and helpful detail in them, but all too often our first introduction to these postures is in drop-in style classes, where there is not always time for the postures to be broken down and more fully learned due to class time restrictions and the requirement for teachers to maintain the rhythm of the class. These most basic postures can be mastered only when we understand and apply the natural movement patterns of the body. The discoveries you make in this workshop series will arm you with tools that give you continued support in your practice. You will find yourself approaching more challenging poses like Chaturanga with curiosity, rather than dreading them or scooting your way past them in your practice.



*Tadasana (Mountain pose, taught in BOTH part one and two as a foundation for all of the other postures)

*Plank (will be taught as prep for Chaturanga, but it is not a traditional posture of the series)

*Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff pose)

*Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

*Urdva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog pose)

*Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog pose)

*Jump back transition to Chaturanga



*Tadasana (Mountain pose, taught in BOTH part one and two as a foundation for

all of the other postures)

*Uttanasana (Forward fold pose)

*Urdhva Uttanasana (Half Lift pose)

*Utkatasana (Chair Pose)


*Virabhadrasana A (Warrior 1)

*Jump Through to Urdhva Uttanasana


*BEGINNERS WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED, modifications and support will be plentiful!


2 x 2.5 Hour Workshop

Led by Marty Tribble

Marty is a certified Yoga Teacher / E-RYT 200.

Living on Purpose: A Revolutionary Vision Board Workshop

Forget resolutions. Its time to join the revolution and learn to live on purpose!


Are you living on purpose? Do you feel you are on a clear path for unfolding your best life? Do you dream of a more empowered life experience? Maybe it’s the first time you’ve asked yourself these questions. Or perhaps you’ve pondered them for years, trying to navigate living in a fast-paced, external-driven Western culture while cultivating your inner life.


To create a change in your life experience, you must first be be clear in your vision. What is it you would like to experience in this coming year? The next five years? This lifetime? Clarity and insight enable us to take right action to see the necessary changes through to completion and reap the benefits or our dedication--like joy, peace, ease, health and contentment. Once we know what it is we are seeking, we can then use powerful tools of personalized affirmation and visualization to manifest the experiences we desire.


In this hands-on workshop, you will learn tools for stepping out of your own way, enabling you to instantly move forward on the path to realizing the life of your dreams.


Workshop Format Will Include...

Interactive learning through informal lecture/group discussion/Q&A time.

Powerful introspection exercises to cut through obstacles/resistance

and empower your intention to live on purpose.

Building a visual for your intention through words/photos on your

personalized vision board that you will take home and use daily in your

'home play' exercises.

Creating a plan of action to fulfill your vision for living on purpose

(including a support system, affirmations, meditations, and 'home play'

exercises to ignite action)!


8 Hour Immersion

Led by Marty Tribble

Marty is a certified Life Coach.

Yoga Nidra

Relax deeply.


Discover YOGA NIDRA (yogic sleep), a state of awareness is extremely beneficial for resolving samskaras (habits or patterns), releasing deep rooted stress, creating mental clarity, energizing the body, and facilitating healing at a cellular level. It is said that one hour of yoga nidra can recoup 4 hours of traditional deep, uninterupted sleep. Learn how Yoga Nidra can been used for disciplinary practices as well, such as learning languages and reaching goals.


The state of nidra happens somewhere between waking and dreaming, that lulled state you sometimes experience during a good massage or just before falling asleep. The mind is very impressionable during this state (similar to hypnosis), facilitating deep healing of the mind and emotions, as well as releasing muscle tension that results from stress. You'll be guided gently  through the nidra experience by Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor, Marty Tribble, all while resting comfortably on the floor. Leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and inspired to step into a balanced version of you!


This guided relaxation experience is for everyone.


1.5 Hour Workshop

Led by Marty Tribble

Marty is a certified Yoga Nidra Instructor.

Chakra Study Immersion

Get to know yourself from the inside out.


The chakra system has long-informed Marty's day-to-day life and teaching style. Join her in an in-depth study of the chakra system, perfect for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. We will cover the seven major chakras (energy hubs or processors of the subtle body)  through lecture, introspection, discussion and asana practice designed to purify and activate the full potential of the subtle body. Discover how your thoughts, emotions, and life experiences left unexamined can create chronic pain and imbalance in the physical body + specific yoga asana (postures), introspection exercises and meditations to restore awareness and flow to these vital subtle energy processors.




Lecture Only

7 x 2 Hour Workshop

(14 Hours Total)


Lecture + Asana Practices

7 x 2 Hour Lecture

2 x 2 Hour Asana Practices

(28 Hours Total)


Led by Marty Tribble

Marty is a certified Yoga Instructor and Life Coach.


Step away from it all and learn to follow your heart again.


John and Marty specialize in immersions, meaning a week or more of time set aside from your typical daily routine so that you can begin to feel what is calling you. They offer retreats all over the world, check their calendar for upcoming offerings, or connect with them to bring them on as guest presenters at your retreat / retreat center.

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